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Cooking for My Soul

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Introducing, Foodielicious! Oct. 8th, 2006 @ 09:14 pm
I've moved! Check out my new website, Foodielicious! There you will find new recipes and thoughts about food. Please visit me over there!

Adolphus Rice Oct. 6th, 2006 @ 11:02 pm
I officially do not like Adolphus Rice and I am hereby not recommending it to my readers. I bought a bag of it at Kroger awhile back and I have cooked with it 2-3 times now.

  • It takes much longer to cook than other rice, even longer than the bag says.
  • It does not cook consistently- some grains of rice will be done while others are still gritty.
  • The flavor is nothing special; it's bland. I learned to only use it in flavored rice dishes.

    I am never buying this stuff again.

    Usually I prefer to buy basmati rice in the bulk aisle at WF, but sometimes if I can't get over to WF I buy very cheap rice at Kroger. The cheap generic rice is of better quality than the Adolphus.

  • Aug. 30th, 2006 @ 08:04 pm
    Roasted eggplant soup is simmering on the stove. Yum. It smells fantastic.

    I think I will freeze half of this batch.

    Foooood! Aug. 28th, 2006 @ 03:06 am
    I need to get back to managing my cooking.

    Tonight I made collards and red beans and rice for dinner. Tomorrow night, I will roast veggies, and Tuesday I will make those veggies into roasted eggplant soup, as well as making leek and artichoke risotto for dinner itself. The risotto should leave us with leftover so we can eat soup and risotto for a few days. I will pick up some more collards and some bags of salad greens for other meals. I guess some oatmeal would be good for breakfast.

    For tomorrow I plan to have eggs for breakfast. Or maybe leftover red beans and rice, actually. I have packed a lemon bumblebar and a bag of grapes for my luncheon between classes. (I want to buy some baby-cut carrots to use as lunch too.) Wow, I just realized that it actually is my lunch, not just a snack. That makes me want to take more food- maybe a boiled egg would be good, or some of the aforementioned red beans and rice.

    Aug. 25th, 2006 @ 11:30 pm
    Mmmm, the house smells like red beans and rice. Delicious.

    I made a small pot of red beans and rice tonight, so that we can eat them tomorrow with some collard greens. I might make biscuits to go along with. I bought some frozen biscuits so I can make just a few.
    Other entries
    » Making Broth
    I am making veggie broth. I categorize it as broth rather than stock, because it is meatless, but what I am making is more enduring than the average veggie broth; I'm going to let it cook all day, until it is rich with flavor.

    I've been saving my veggie ends for months now; in the freezer I had a bag of leek tops, kale stems, parsley stems, mushroom ends, celery leaves, and etc. I put this in my stock/pasta pot, along with a bag of frozen green beans that I don't think we're going to eat (for some reason, that brand stopped tasting good to me), a couple of carrots that have gone wobbly, some fresh ginger likewise, fresh thyme stems from the garden, some basil leaves that I froze back in April and no longer need now that the basil in the garden is thriving, a piece of kombu, and a generous sprinkle of various dried herbs from my kitchen stash.

    I very rarely make my own broth, largely because there are suitable alternatives available- I buy prepared broths, bouillon cubes, etc, and they are fine. But I don't want to be wasteful, and experimentation is fun. So it will be nice to see how this broth turns out. One more way to get the most out of your groceries.
    » Pizza Crusts
    For years now I've liked to make small, fast, personal pizzas using pita bread for crusts. When we moved over here, I could no longer get the really good pita that I liked to use before, so I started using the whole-wheat tortillas that are made fresh at the Kroger up the street.

    But since going back on WW I've realized that those tortillas are obscenely high in calories and sugar, and are made with transfats.

    So I want to start making small pizza crusts. My plan is to make the dough and freeze small individual crusts, then thaw them and cook them. But I am wondering if I should cook them first; that might work better. I like a thin, thin crust. If I cook the crusts first, I can put the toppings on the thawed crust and put it under the broiler.

    Another advantage to making my own crusts is that I can add fiber to them. I can even use hard white wheat, if I can get ahold of some.
    » Jicama
    I just ate raw jicama for the first time. It is quite good, as long as it is sliced thinly. My first slice was thick and as I chewed it I had that same feeling that I used to get about raw carrots: the bite seemed to expand and expand and never break down, and become bitter-tasting. Fortunately, that didn't last.

    The jicama was a good sub for tortilla chips, and it went well with guacamole. The slight sweetness of it is actually very similar to the the sweetness of a baked tortilla chip. I think jicama would be good dipped in vanilla yogurt, too. Oh, and it just occurred to me that it would be good in smoothies.

    I think I will use this jicama up in stir-fry or slice it for people to eat at the party Saturday.
    » Sammiches!
    I have been thinking about sandwiches a lot lately, especially since falling in love with the fantastic veggie muffaletta from Daily Grind. I want to make some sammiches this week. I think I will visit Whole Foods for a good hearty bread. They have a seven-grain bread that is just fantastic.

    Sammiches I want: grilled cheese with avocado and tomato; veggie BLT; cream cheese, lettuce, avocado, and tomato; french bread with goat cheese; sourdough, fontina, and bacon with tomato.... on and on!

    I also want to start making more wraps- I want to buy some bagged greens and basically make hot wraps with cold lettuce in the middle. I think those would be tasty.
    » Cooking
    A month or so ago, R made tacos for dinner one night and they were delicious. He said tonight that if I put taco ingredients on the grocery list, he'll make them again next week. SWEET!

    In the next few weeks, I plan to make:

    Tempeh paté
    Tempeh paté 2
    broccoli-cheese dip
    Curried tofu with peas.
    Some various tomato-based soups.

    I like to keep dips and patés around for us to snack on. They are good when one is very hungry and hasn't time/inclination to cook. Also, they keep well- I plan to freeze half of each paté I make this week.

    We are not formal eaters; we both tend to grab food whenever we are hungry. We do usually eat dinner together, though, and I think that is nice.

    I also want to start keeping bags of frozen veggie mixes around, so on nights when I am tired, I can just toss a bag of those in the pan and have dinner.
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